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Slimline - HVLS PMSM Direct Drive Warehouse Ceiling Fan

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Slimline Warehouse Ceiling Fan

Big HVLS ceiling fan with PMSM Gearless Motor

Featuring a PMSM, gearless, maintenance free, direct drive motor the Slimline is our newest addition. It features cleaner look in big sizes.
It is ideal for industrial environments, gyms, factories, warehouses, garages etc.
Fan diameters range from 16' to 24'.
This very powerful, energy efficient ceiling fan offers a bigger range of speed, at a higher motor efficiency. It is also very quiet at just 39 dBA.
Have cooler work areas in the summer and move air better in the winter to help heat spaces by bringing hot air down. Reduce humidity and condensation on floors and equipment while creating a more comfortable work environment, which is no secret to increase employee production.
The Slimline's PMSM technology, features a low speed high-torque motor (300 N.m max) that meets any torque recovery or auxiliary braking within the peak torque, eliminating friction energy consumption at the gear reducer.
The biggest advantage of this fan is its air volume, which reached up to 528,675 CFM at full load.
Safety cables to secure the fan to the mounting structure and double pivot adjustable mounting hardware are included. Indoor use only.


  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Gymnasiums
  • Industries
  • Garages


  • PMSM gearless direct drive motor
  • NdFeb grade N38SH (extremely strong, rare earth's magnets)
  • High efficiency >84%
  • Very low noise at <39 dBA

Overall Width

  • 192", 216", 240" and 288"
Overall Diameter Weight Speed Air Volume (CFM) Kilowatt (KW) Voltage (V) Current (A) Sound at Maximum Speed
16' (4.9m) 240 lbs. (109 kg) 10-75 RPM 416,713 0.8 220V 3.6A <39 dBA
18' (5.5m) 247 lbs. (112 kg) 10-65 RPM 441,433 0.9 220V 4.1A <39 dBA
20' (6.1m) 254 lbs. (115 kg) 10-60 RPM 466,153 1.1 220V 3.27A <39 dBA
24' (7.3m) 267 lbs. (121 kg) 10-55 RPM 528,675 1.5 220V 4.69A <39 dBA

*Weight does not include mount or extension tube.
*Fans are sound tested at maximum speeds in a controlled environment. Actual field results may vary due to reflecting surfaces.

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